The OECI mission is to foster high quality comprehensive cancer care, research and education, with the aim of improving patient outcomes throughout Europe. Improving the organisation of European oncology care of the future lies at the centre of our challenges. Today, more than ever, importance is being placed on working together, at every level, from cancer patient advocacy to cancer professionals and cancer centre management level  
The “Organisation of European Cancer Institutes” is a non-governmental, no-profit legal Entity established in 1979 to promote greater cooperation among European Cancer Centres and Institutes.
Its founders designed a structure aimed at promoting efficient partnership across Europe, notwithstanding its linguistic barriers and traditional care and research heterogeneity.
The OECI is a network
Quality improvement in Cancer Care and Research
The Accreditation and Designation Programme, specifically designed for cancer centres, aims to constantly improve our cancer centres’ organisation. About 50% of the OECI Members are already included in the A&D Programme.
The OECI quality approach is now recognised as the only existing European process specifically designed for cancer centres, providing a significant impact
The beginning
Following the invitation by Professor Z. Maricic and Professor I. Padovan, a meeting amongst some of the Directors of European Cancer Institutes was convened in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, on 14 May 1979. Under the chairmanship of the then President of the UICC, Professor Umberto Veronesi, and despite significant political, economic and linguistic differences existing in Europe, the Organisation