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OECI Oncology Days 2018

19-22 June 2018

IBB Andersia Hotel - PoznaƄ - Poland

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OECI Pathology Day  -  20/06/2018 All day
Cancer Outcomes Research WG Session  -  20/06/2018 Afternoon
Supportive and Palliative Care WG Session  -  20/06/2018 Afternoon
Scientific Conference: Emerging technologies in Therapies against cancer: What best to select for cancer centres?  -  21/06/2018 All day
Expanding Patient Involvement in Quality Improvement  -  22/06/2018 Afternoon
OECI re-accreditation proposals: how to focus on quality improvements whilst not overburdening Centres  -  22/06/2018 Afternoon
General Assembly (restricted to full or associate members representatives only)  -  22/06/2018 Morning
Gala Dinner (Restricted to OECI Member Representatives or Invited)  -  21/06/2018
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