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New A&D e-tool OECI

July 18, 2018 

Since the start of the Accreditation & Designation Programme OECI has made use of a webbased e-tool, in which centres fill out the self assessment questionnaires in preparation of the peer review visit. In February 2018 the A&D Board has agreed to implement a new interface for the e-tool, which has mainly the same features as the old one. Also, it provides options for better communication with the centres and the audit team within the programme. The e-tool is built and maintained by the same developer, Compusense.


Registration for the 2018 training for OECI auditors and audit chairs is open - apply before 15 July

July 04, 2018 

Performing a peer review visit as an OECI auditor is a learning experience in your own professional life

in the fight against cancer in your own Centre, as well as a crucial part of ensuring quality improvement

in the applicant Cancer Centre.

You get the chance to examine all aspects of the Cancer Centre, how it is organised at the management

level as well as at the clinical and laboratory levels for all disciplines: nurses, physicians, researchers,

pathologists, management etc.


A milestone for the OECI A&D journey: the ISQua Accreditation

October 23, 2017 

The OECI received the award for its Second Edition of the OECI standards from the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).

The accreditation programme of the ISQua provides assurance that the standards used by OECI to survey the performance of health care organizations meet the highest international benchmarks for accreditation entities. ISQua’s mission is to inspire, promote and support continuous improvement in the safety and quality of health care worldwide.


New OECI A&D Website

October 18, 2017 

Welcome to the new OECI website for the Accreditation & Designation Working Group, which is fully incorporated into the renewed OECI website. On this website you will find all relevant information about the OECI A&D Programme, such as the standards, the process and method, how it is governed and also on how to apply for the programme.


For further information, please contact


Non-members and the OECI A&D programme

October 24, 2016 
A modification of the User Manual:

Non-members can apply for the OECI A&D programme as soon as they are member of the OECI. The demonstration of interest for the A&D Programme can be taken into consideration when the centre applies for membership and the candidacy is unanimously approved by the General Assembly (every year in June).

For More information on how to become an OECI full or associate member, please go to:

OECI auditor training Cambridge on 4 and 5 July 2016

September 07, 2016 
A group of 14 oncology professionals from 9 European countries has participated in the OECI auditor training.
The training took place on 4 and 5 July 2016 in Cambridge. During these two days the auditors learned the ins and outs of the Accreditation & Designation Programme based on the most recent OECI standards and essential methods for auditors. Trainer Patrick Corstiaans of Kerteza provided practical tools to prepare and execute audits.
The training was concluded with role plays in which the new auditors could practice their interviewing skills.

International Accreditation of the Italian network of Cancer Institutes

April 07, 2016 
Journal Tumori made a special on the participation of 11 Cancer Centres in Italy in the OECI Accreditation and Designation Programme. Please find the Journal and articles by following the link!

Change in the composition of the OECI Accreditation & Designation Board

February 12, 2016 
On behalf of the Accreditation and Designation (A&D) Group we announce the new chair of the A&D working group: Simon Oberst.

Simon Oberst is currently Director of Clinical Development at the Cambridge Cancer Centre. Simon served actively as member of the A&D Board and chaired several audit groups.

After thirteen years of designing and launching the A&D programme, Mahasti Saghatchian, transfers her activities as a chair and will stay as a board member of the OECI A&D group. We express our gratitude for her dedication to the A&D programme.

Become an OECI auditor

December 16, 2015 
Registration for the next training for auditors and auditors chairs is now open for registration. The training will takes place in the first half of 2016.

Learn more about the profile of auditors and chairs in the menu "auditors" and find also the registration form there.

Accreditation and designation newsletter

November 27, 2015 
The newest Accreditation and Designation newsletter contains information about:
  • Revision of the OECI Accreditation and Designation Standards
  • Group of auditors, training course and fees
  • Certified centres – Update October 2015
  • Cancer Centres Certified at the 2015 General Assembly – Porto June 24th
  • Final Meeting of the Italian participation to the OECI A&D Programme
  • The OECI Accreditation and Designation Group

You find the newsletter attached.
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