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100 European consensus Quality Standards for Cancer Centres

August 17, 2020 

The OECI A&D Board is proud to inform you that The Lancet Oncology has accepted our article '100 European consensus Quality Standards for Cancer Centres'. The article sets out the robust process by which OECI consulted many experts and arrived at a consensus of core quality standards (100 in number) which should become standard in European cancer centres to achieve high quality care, research and education.


Change in definition ‘Accrual into prospective interventional clinical trials’ Manual 3.0, effective immediately

July 23, 2020 

When working on the revision of the standards in 2019, the OECI A&D Board decided to consider changing the indicator for the Percentage of patients included in clinical trials. This was based on remarks made during the session during the Oncology Days in June 2019 in Bari, indicating that the definition did not take into account some developments related to biomarker-driven studies. However, after evaluating the first preliminary designations, the OECI A&D Board has concluded that the new definition for Manual 3.


Continuation of OECI A&D Peer reviews

July 16, 2020 

As our centres were dealing with the COVID-19 situation, OECI decided in March to postpone all planned site visits until Autumn 2020. In the past weeks the OECI A&D Board has investigated alternatives to start up the A&D Programme, which protect health professionals, patients and the OECI auditors and co-ordinators. .

In September 2020 the OECI A&D Programme will continue with hybrid virtual peer reviews.


Recent accreditations

April 23, 2020 

The following centres have been awarded OECI Accreditation & Designation Certificates between September 2019 and March 2020).  We offer our congratulations to each of them for this achievement.

New accreditations

- TAYS Cancer Centre, Tampere (Finland) – OECI Cancer Centre

-  TYKS Cancer Centre, Turku (Finland) – OECI Cancer Centre

- Trinity St.


Oncology Days postponed because of Covid-19

April 23, 2020 

Because of the Covid-19 situation in Europe the OECI Oncology Days will be postponed and will provisionally be taking place on 16-18 June 2021. As a result, the Scientific Conference on Quality Assurance in Cancer Care, which will be organised under the auspices of the OECI A&D Programme, will take place on 17 June 2021.


Covid-19 Implications

April 23, 2020 
The year 2020 was originally going to be the busiest year to date for the OECI A&D Programme, with a total of 14 Peer Reviews planned, of which 9 were Italian cancer centres. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation in Europe, from February 2020 until the Summer, 5 reviews have been postponed so far. There may also be consequences for reviews planned for September to December 2020, as the centres, which are currently working on their self assessments, may have difficulties completing the questionnaires within the deadline due to the crisis.

New Manual V. 3.0 is ready

December 03, 2019 
The OECI is very proud to present the new Manual version 3.0 (see attachment to this news item). In the Manual you will find a detailed description of the Accreditation & Designation process in 10 steps. Also you will find a description of the activities of the specific roles in the A&D process. The Qualitative Standards and Quantitative questionnaire, including a list with Requested documents which need to be translated into English, are also part of the Manual.

OECI standards for Manual 3.0 are approved and final

November 08, 2019 

The OECI Board has officially approved the new set of standards and the final versions of the standards are published (see attachments). The questionnaires are accessible in the web-based e-tool and will be made available for centres following the process of the A&D programme. The OECI A&D Management Unit, in close co-operation with the OECI Liaison office, is currently working on finalising the manual with the procedures and background information on the programme.


E-tool OECI is now open for applications Manual 3.0

September 30, 2019 

OECI has revised the set of standards for the OECI Accreditation & Designation Programme, following a rigorous evidence-led process, and this has resulted in what we believe are the world's leading quality standards for cancer centres. As from 1st October 2019 OECI offers centres the possibility to apply for the Programme using the new Standards (Manual 3.0 revision 2019), although applications using Manual 2.


Change of fee to participate in A&D programme

July 16, 2019 

During the OECI General Assembly on the 21st of June the OECI members have agreed to change the fee to participate in the OECI A&D programme. The change of fee is applicable for all applications from the 1st of January 2020. The new fee will be € 45.000. 

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