Application form Accreditation and Designation

It takes 10 steps in the OECI A&D Programme towards certification and continuous and comprehensive quality improvement of the cancer institute.
STEP 1: Application of a cancer institute in the programme
(Go to the online application form)
STEP 2: Payment fee stage 1
STEP 3: Preliminary designation screening
STEP 4: Self-assessment according to quality standards (approx. 6 months)
STEP 5: Approval Go / No go
STEP 6: Payment fee stage 2
STEP 7: Peer review and designation assessment (3 months after finishing the self-assessment)
STEP 8: Reporting (1 month after the peer review) and improvement plan (2 months after the peer review)
STEP 9: Approval Accreditation and Designation Certificate
STEP 10: Follow-up (1 year)
And after the certification there will be a follow-up of the improvement plan.
The certificate is valid for five years.
To be able to apply to the OECI A&D Programme the (cancer) centre has to complete the application.

STEP 1: Application and designation screening contain the following aspects:

  • The application will be sent to the OECI A&D Coordinator and Secretary. The application will be discussed in the OECI A&D Board for approval primary focusing on the criteria for application and comprehensiveness in the centre.
  • After approval the centre will have access to the online designation questionnaire.
  • The (cancer) centre will receive the Accreditation & Designation Agreement to sign.
  • If all designation questions are answered the OECI A&D Coordinator will define preliminary designation type according to the standardised designation schedule.
  • The preliminary designation type will be discussed with the centre to agree upon the designation type as bases for the self-assessment.
  • Finally the centre has to have signed the Accreditation and Designation Agreement before continuation of the process.
During the process telephone calls with representatives of the OECI A&D Programme to give a full explanation of the programme, the electronic tool, designation and the timelines of the programme to achieve certification are possible and on request.