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What is OECI

The "Organisation of European Cancer Institutes" is a non-governmental, no-profit legal Entity established in 1979 to promote greater cooperation among European Cancer Centres and Institutes.
Its founders designed a structure aimed at promoting efficient partnership across Europe, notwithstanding its linguistic barriers and traditional care and research heterogeneity.
The OECI is a network presently regrouping 108 Members collaborating to reduce fragmentation and to give to all European cancer patients the possibility of receiving the best available care.
Several major Cancer Centres from Chile, Colombia, Jordan, Russian Federation, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine and Viet Nam joined the Membership of the Organisation in order to benefit from the OECI Accreditation and Designation Programme.
To better achieve its goals, and disseminate the innovation process amongst its Members and abroad, the Organisation works in close collaboration with the European Cancer Organisation, the European Cancer Patients Coalition, the European Association for Cancer Research, the European Society of Pathology. The EACR-OECI conference “Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer” is just an example of the efforts to promote the dissemination of innovation.
The managerial support is mainly organised through the President’s Office and the Central Office in Brussels, alongside the Liaison and Director’s Office.

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