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Become an enthusiastic auditor for the OECI Accreditation and Designation Programme
During a two day training aspirant auditors will learn how to perform an peer review (audit) and how to use relevant tools for auditing. The training is focused on interview techniques and techniques how to interpretate the questionnaires.
Click here to view the draft program of the OECI auditors training. The objective is to align and improve the quality of cancer control in Health care (Cancer) Centres across Europe.

Peer review

Peer review is defined as a planned visit by a team of professionals working in relation with cancer care: medical specialists, nurses, quality managers, pathologists, radiotherapists, microbiologists, directors etc. They will examine different fields of oncological care: general management, prevention, patient care, health education, research and new developments. The examination is based on the filled-in web-based electronic questionnaires.
The aim of the peer review is to improve the quality of multidisciplinary oncological care delivered in Cancer Institutes, gives back feedback of the results of the visit and formulate recommendations for improvement. The peer review process in Cancer Centres aligns the actual developments.

Required skills

  • you are employed by a health care centre; cancer centre or hospital
  • you work and you are registered as a medical specialist ( medical oncologist, surgeon, radiation therapist, pathologist)
  • you work as a (quality) manager or an oncology nurse or a cancer researcher or microbiologist
  • the board of management of your institute supports your application
  • you are willing and able to participate in a two-day auditor training
  • you have the following skills:
    • fluent in English both speaking and writing
    • helicopter view of oncological care
    • good social skills
  • you have the following qualities
    • team player
    • objective tenacious
    • analytic way of thinking
    • quality improvement attitude
  • you are ready to commit time and efforts for peer review and reporting

Time estimation

  • auditors training: two days (once)
  • peer review: three days
  • reporting: two day

Training organisation:

Kerteza (Belgium)
To become an auditor please contact: 
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