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Wim H. van Harten

The OECI is proud to host an active Cancer Economics focuses on a range of Health Economic and technology Assessment topics with the objectives:
  • to stimulate promising innovations to timely reach the patient
  • to combat inequalities in access and personal consequences of cancer related to Socio Economic factors and
  • to facilitate careful and explicit balancing of clinical benefits and financial impact of cancer treatments.

The actions of the WG exist of (but are not limited to) demonstrating remits of cost-benefits analyses in oncology, to analyse inequalities in access, to assist in assessing socioeconomic consequences, to raise awareness on drug-pricing issues and to establish standards in budget impact analysis for OECI members.

The WG will also pay attention to those recent developments in health economics, for example value based pricing, budget impact expertise, which have the special interest of the members.

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