Dissemination and Communication Activity


Claudio Lombardo

J.Gordon McVie

It aims at facilitating exchanges between scientists and clinicians within the OECI Institutes, about cancer related topics, such as, specialisation or latest technology; it also aims in helping to put professionals together, who are working on common projects, such as, developing and sharing trial protocols, data, meta-analyses, and more generally, any activity which needs connectivity and communication. The Activity is developed in connection with ecancermedicalscience, which became the official Journal of the OECI and in which web visitors can read about science and watch videos from some 203 countries connected on ecancer.org.
This Activity also aims at better dissemination of the OECI Members’ initiatives. This includes, reporting on WGs and Activities, through the publication of leaflets that illustrate the OECI as a whole, as well as publishing individual initiatives. As a registered Publisher, the OECI already produced specific titles such as: the OECI Report 2009, From Biobanks to Research Repositories, the Accreditation and Designation Manual and the first out of 6 volumes of the START-OECI Options and Recommendations of Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy.

OECI-ecancer: a joint effort to strengthen the communication process