Cancer Outcomes Research WG


Milena Sant

While population registry based cancer outcomes reflect the current clinical practice in the country, regardless the hospital of treatment, outcomes of patients treated in CCC should provide information on best of care achievable in the given area.
The present proposal aims to test the feasibility of collaborative studies between OECI centres and population based CRs, by collecting data on their respective sets of patents using validated “high resolution” study protocols. The ultimate scope is to set up cohorts of cancer patients with well annotated and standardised clinical characteristics at diagnosis, to be followed up prospectively.
This will allow comparative analyses between sets of patients treated in oncological centres and those included in population- based cancer registries, on: tumour characteristics and patterns of care, co-morbidities, relapse, short term, disease-free and overall survival. The possibility of setting up biological blood and tissue repositories, or alternatively, the possibility to access existent biobanks will also be explored. Survivorship after the primary treatment phase will also be investigated (e.g quality of life, undesiderable short and long term effects of therapies).

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